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On Friday night I was trying to do a bank transfer from my Australian bank account to a friend. They sent me an SMS security code. I live in Thailand, so this was very frustrating, as I no longer have an Australian number. I got really frustrated and spent the last 3 days building this. Nomad SMS allows you easily create a number in one of 15 countries for a few dollars a month. Any SMS sent to that number will then be forwarded to your email / viewable online in your account. I hope others find value in this and I appreciate in feedback you have :) PS. 50% off (first month) with PRODUCTHUNT (enter during checkout)
@bryceadams I can definitely feel this pain. Would be great if the SMS could be forwarded to Hangouts, as that's where I receive GV, local SMS and obviously hangouts messages. Would also love to see this Denmark as one of the countries :)
@kjemperud Cheers! I'll look into it :)
This is great. Pricing doesn't seem too bad either. Wondering what the "abusive" level is for sending messages. Guessing if this is Twilio a penny per message could go quick, especially if someones traveling and using SMS as their main method of communication
@kristofertm Thanks! 🙏 I'm pretty flexible so as long as someone is receiving 1000+ messages a month, it should be ok. I'd probably reach out to the user personally and see why / how we can make it work though.
@bryceadams Good stuff man. Have family traveling back and forth to Greece. Plans to add?
@kristofertm Just waiting on Twilio :) It's tough as I can often get numbers for most countries but SMS is another ballgame, where some networks won't allow it, others won't receive the SMS, etc. - hoping to add more countries ASAP though.
I've been looking for something like this for ages. There are many services out there but some just don't receive auth SMSes, hopefully this does. Any plans to expand and include the ability to forward calls?
@smithjw Yeah, basically short code numbers can't send messages to these sort of numbers due to legal reasons that hopefully will change soon. Most services will send you an SMS from a long code though, so it's not the biggest issue. Thinking about calls for sure! At the moment going to focus on SMS and hoping to add a feature for replying to the email to send an SMS back to a number too.
@smithjw +1 for call forwards too (for an extra fee per minute for example)
seems expensive. Twilio is a much cheaper option and they're expanding their range of numbers all the time.
@_jacksmith Hey Jack - thanks for checking it out! It actually uses Twilio at the moment so this is the complete range of numbers that support messaging. I'm looking at another provider who offers a few more numbers now too, that Twilio don't offer. RE: Pricing - sure, but the average user can't set up a Twilio number and receive the SMS to their email. Their UI for viewing received messages is also more developer-orientated. When you consider the pricing includes all received messages (an extra cost to me), it makes a bit more sense. Also planning to add a 'forward to another number' feature soon, which will cost me a bit more too.
> Is it secure? > Yes. Very. Everything runs over SSL, SMS's are impossible to intercept and they're easily deletable from the number dashboard. It may be true that the communications use SSL, and that it's not possible for an outsider to view the messages, but the claim on the homepage is a bit disingenuous. The statement "SMS's are impossible to intercept" is untrue. There's nothing stopping the operator of this service (other than morals) from reading the messages that pass through it.