Nomad - Mist Watch

An entity rather than an object.

Designed in Stockholm by Note Design Studio for Nomad the harmonious Mist watch has been created to blend with its wearer rather than being the sharpest point. An entity rather than an object.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @atmoore81, This is a beautiful watch. Can you tell us about why it's special?
Alan Moore
@jacqvon Our main differentiation is the design. In contrast to most watches that aim to really stand out and become a focal point we wanted a watch that was soft and blended with the wearer. The watch was designed by Note ( They are well known for their interior, product and graphic design however this was the first watch they designed so they had a completely fresh outlook. We also use premium materials. For example the watch is powered by a Swiss movement and the strap is made using leather from Sorensen (typically used in high end furniture). You can check them out here: @montcroft Why would you struggle to tell the precise time?