Nomad Meet

Get introduced to a fellow digital nomad

Nomad Meet is daily email introductions newsteller of different Digital Nomads. Every day I send an introduction of 1 person to all subscribers.

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Cool idea, @sevazhidkov. Suggestion: Daily introductions is a lot. I would consider weekly or give users and option. Also, maybe this should be geo-targeted based on areas the person is living in or traveling to. Thoughts?
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@rrhoover definitely! Just added a subscription for a weekly digest of introductions to the website: I believe that at the bigger scale geo-targeting would be a great feature, but some of the connections can work totally remote: jobs employer or consulting clients, just to name a few.
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Сева, хорошая идея)
Really nice idea. 1. If you plan to work on this a bit more, it'd be fantastic if instead of sending an email with the intro, users could save it on NomadMeet for later editing (would require some kind of membership functionality) 2. It'd be nice to have any kind of estimation about when it'll be sent and to how many people. 3. It'd be nice to have an option to cancel in case you change your mind.
@nicocaramella Yes! Nomad Meet 2.0 should be an app with possibility to find new buddies anytime, not just daily or weekly. You can cancel in the first letter of newsletter.
Hey! It's tough to make new connections if you're based not in the SV or even not in the US. Over the weekend I made a simple email-first (👋 @rrhoover) product: each day I'll send an introduction of 1 person to all mailing list. That person can look for a job, travel buddies or new clients, it's all good. If you want to introduce yourself in Nomad Meet, comment here (it's better) or drop me a letter at