Nomad House

Houses around the world for nomads to live and work together

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If you guys have any questions let me know, I would be glad to answer. Thanks @peachananr for the hunt.
@peachananr @atudotio hey great stuff! Definitely filling a gap for me, solving the problem of 'getting up to speed' in a community while still experiencing the flexible nomad lifestyle. It sort of combines AirBnB with a coworking space... Something Copass ( is also doing with Couchsurfing. Im curious how you're going to get traction, are you setting up in major hubs first? I find the Bali (maybe it's me) listing still rather expensive, or it's not clear how it exactly works with sharing. Is it an idea to set up 'captain nomaders' who set up a place for example, while they are at this place temporarily. So for example I go to Bali for three months where I set up a place and people can join in? This way you can also motivate the captains/organizers to invite other people over. Just a thought.
@peachananr @atudotio @milann Cool concept. I've seen and experienced this scenario - nomads wanting to live together - happen first hand over the past few years while traveling. I lived in a nomad house in Medellin in March 2014. It was a great group of guys (my co-founder was one of the 4 roommates). Its one of the use cases beyond crashing on couches we see @getHorizonapp being useful for down the road.
@peachananr @milann We are trying to be in the major cities for nomad people like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Bali, Berlin and Spain. Yes, if you want to setup a Project in your city you can ask us and we will provide you the requirements and everything you need to start.
@atudotio don't know if you have some good folks working Bali, but I know a great person to help get it out over there.
@schlomo Sounds awesome. Let me know how I can help him.
This is awesome. One of the products born out of Nomad List's chat as a lot of people were asking for something like this both on HN and PH. Happy that it's finally here. I'm biased a bit of course :) The question is why this would be better than just getting an AirBnB, one answer is that this adds a community aspect where you live with other people, many of them remote workers building startups etc.
Thank you so much guys for your support. I hope to see you all of you in a Nomad House.
It seems an interesting idea; but you can also just book the house via AirBnb on a nightly basis for not much more $.