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Cheap flight alerts for digital nomads

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 07, 2018
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Nomad Flights sends digital nomads emails with cheap flight offers. My aim is to help digital nomads with cheap one-way flights, visa run returns to neighboring countries and flights for specific events like nomad conferences and escaping Chiang Mai during burning season. It is free to sign up for email alerts so start saving money today.

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    great idea



    whats more to say!

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  • Teo Deleanu
    Teo DeleanuDeveloper

    Who doesn't want cheap flights?


    Still waiting this...

    I always wanted something that does my searches automatically.

    Are you going to include a filtering feature?

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David Oudiette
David Oudiette@davidoudiette
How do you deal with the fact that your users are only interested in the fraction of flights that leave from their current location? (i.e. 90+% of the flights you might offer are irrelevant for them)
@davidoudiette actually I've spoken to nomads who want flights from around the world. I just sent details to an American for cheap flights from Thailand to Australia in March. He is in Europe now but will be in Thailand in February so this works for him.
Sinan Yumurtacı
Sinan Yumurtacı@enjoythecode · Curious. Entrepreneur.
Excited to see all the services and products aimed at nomads 🎒
@enjoythecode there will only be more in the future!
Raymond Duke
Raymond Duke@raymondduke · Copywriter
Does it include business class flights? Not all nomads are penny pinchers.
@raymondduke I will include those although there tend to be fewer business class discounts.
Jonas Almut
Jonas Almut@jonasalmut · Maker, Designer & Traveller.
How does this rival skyscanner?
Daniel Roger Casanova
Daniel Roger Casanova@danirogerc · Love for business, design and technology
@jonasalmut probably more of a concierge curation technology-wise it's impossible
Hey everyone, so I became a nomad recently by moving to Bulgaria and I figured us nomads needed our own website for cheap flights since our needs are different from people going on a vacation somewhere expensive. Let me know what you think and if you've signed up :)