Nomad Camper Vans

A hotel on wheels


Rent a Nomad camper van in SF. It's like Zipcar for camper vans.

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  • Daryl HCan I pet your dog?

    Cool idea


    Scam, no response/customer service

    I booked a van then asked about check in times two weeks ago, still haven't received a response. Called the support # and it's dead. Emailed, dead. After digging deeper others are experiencing the same issue. Clint, are you real?

    Daryl H has used this product for one month.
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    SCAM - no customer service, canceled last minute

    Booked a camper van from Clint on airbnb for New Years Eve and he canceled last minute with no explanation, we booked through his website (didn't know it was his until we did some digging), and now can't get a representative on the phone (it's always busy), the website email feature doesn't work, and the company has no social media presence. It's clear they made up their own reviews on their website.

    Nina Raj has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Self-contained, goes anywhere.


    With the rack on top, the van can't go into many parking garages.

    I loved traveling in my Nomad camper. I traveled through California and Oregon for months.

    Thubten Comerford has used this product for one month.