Nokia Steel HR

Wearable activity tracker by Nokia


Nokia Steel HR is a comprehensive activity tracker that automatically recognizes walk, run, swim, and sleep and delivers in-depth reporting right to your smartphone.

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Taylor Wimberly
Damien Bt
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  • Pros: 

    beautiful cace, small, not heavy, beautiful app dashboard, Google fit sync, long battery life.


    wrong translation, only one alarm, wrong sleep tracking (by app?), no app notification.

    I am looking for a substitute for "Pebble Time Round".

    I got Nokia Steel HR 36mm.


    Good Design : elegant. You can use the watch band that you can buy anywhere. small. not heavy.

    Long battery life : It will certainly work 20 days.

    App UI : Beautiful graph on App.

    Accurate measurement : heart rate, walking steps

    Water resistant up to 165 feet deep (50 m, 5 ATM)

    Magnetic charging cable : It's so useful, easy! soft cable.


    mineral glass : hope Gorilla Glass. cause it is strong against scratches.

    only one alarm : I want to set at least 3 types and smart alarm (for wakeup) or basic alarm.

    other apps notification


    Wrong sleep tracking : How to analyze sleep time is wrong. Even though I was operating a smartphone on bed, it is judged as sleeping time. When not wearing a wrist watch, It is judged as sleeping time. I can not correct the data of sleep time. It is fatal.

    No flight mode, No offline & shutdown menu. (bluetooth)

    Wrong translation : really strange translation.

    ゆこたん has used this product for one month.