Nokia 2720 Flip

The classic flip is back with 4G

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2019
The classic flip phone is back. Stay connected with 4G and WhatsApp and Facebook. Its external screen shows who’s calling. The big buttons make for easy messaging and dialing. Plus, the dedicated emergency button is there for extra peace of mind.
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Hope there will be Telegram client on it!
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@claudiofrs was thinking on the same thing.
A flip phone with Google Assistant is genius. And 28 days of standby time from a single charge? Daaaamn!
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@chrismessina Battery life was perhaps the only reason I had Nokia phone always.
i have a nokia bar phone i bought for ~$15 (1010 rupees) in India that works with my US sim. I love it. lasts a week on a charge and has snake. my high score is 3054
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I think I would love it if it had a full QWERTY keyboard. No way I am going back to texting in that numeric keyboard again! Plus, nobody really dials a phone number anymore. we look up names in contacts. Definitely for a phone keyboard, letters are now more important than numbers.
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Brilliant but seriously could do with FB being integrated. If I’m going to move to a bare bones phone I don’t want the app that helped start all the nonsense.