Ambient background sounds for your Mac



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Noisli is my go-to for background sounds and this appears to be inspired by it. It's nearly 2am and I'm currently listening to fire and rain. I'm relaxed.
Kir Kovalski — CEO, Designer at Noizio
@rrhoover This is the best site on this topic, it was he who inspired us to make the application.
Imran Haider — Founder Startup92
@rrhoover Using it for couple of days now since I found it here. Importantly I am using the same combo as you. :)
Ken Rossi — CardStack
@seomarlboro the new version is crashing on startup. Any chance there is a fix coming soon?
Kir Kovalski — CEO, Designer at Noizio
@kenrossi has released the update, we wait for approve
Oleg — Design & code @marvelapp
This needs an iPhone app!
Linus Ekenstam — CEO, Copygram
@olegtsaplin - totally agree with that. A background app.
Yair Kivaiko — Owner,
@olegtsaplin My thought exactly!
Andrea Grassi — Owner & Devel. at
@olegtsaplin @linusekenstam @rrhoover also check out thunderspace for iOS.
Personally one of the most delightful sounds. Recorded with stunning quality.
Troy Osinoff — Angel Investor
@olegtsaplin your wish was granted!
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