Have more control over your screen at night πŸŒ™

Nocturnal is a menu bar app for macOS that allows you to go the extra mile in controlling your display settings to reduce strain on your eyes. It includes darker than dark dimming, Night Shift fine tuning, and the ability to disable for custom time periods.
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Thank you for developing this! I've tried installing it on my Mac mini (2014) about 10 times now, but I get the "Nocturnal is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the bin." message no matter what. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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@thejs Works on Catalina!
@anna_0x I'm on Catalina version 10.15.2
Hey @thejs! I have left a comment on the GitHub issue you have raised 😊
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Yes, I so needed this (why are MacBooks so bright??)! It's nearly perfect!! Only thing missing: automatic dimming & night shift (time based rules.) But it's free and practical so I'm not complaining :)
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@anna_0x I totally agree and the fact that my eyes are super sensitive is what pushed me to make this! As for the time based rules feature you mentioned, it is definitely in the backlog and I hope add it in sometime in the future, so be sure track the GitHub page. Thanks for your feedback!
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@joshjon same issue here (sensitive eyes.) People often ask me "how can you see anything with such low screen brightness?" 🀣 I'm so looking forward to time based rules.