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Nabeel Hanif
@nabeel_hanif · Co-founder & Products @ DevWizards
Let me see how it works 1st, i second stefans concerns and ben has a valid point as well, do we really need another app on our homescreen just for avoiding voicemails fingers crossed
@nabeel_hanif Hi Nabeel, let me know what you think once you've tried it out. Stefan's concern is a valid one, as most people aren't familiar with some of these capabilities on their iPhones, but it's totally legit. It's the same feature used by third party voicemail apps, such as TrapCall (our other product), Google Voice and YouMail. I was a little confused about how you can disable voicemail via an SMS, but the reason we made this an app is because *most* people we've encountered aren't saavy enough to know how to do this or that it's even possible. We wanted to be able to make this quick and easy for the average Joe or the average Snapchattting-90000-times-per-day millennial who doesn't understand voicemail. I definitely realize that the app probably isn't "homescreen" worthy, but we're totally ok with that! It's not an app you should have to open very often. We still thought it was a cool service to be able to offer and show that our company can come up with, and execute on, these unique little communications ideas that no one else does!
Jamie Martin
@livejamie · Senior UX/UI at Raven Software
@natekapi @nabeel_hanif That's understandable, but some screenshots or a quick video of how it works and what it will do goes a long way to gain the trust of potential users.