No More Google

Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google products ❤️

#3 Product of the MonthSeptember 2018

No More Google shows privacy-friendly alternatives to Google products

  • Pros: 

    Finding alternatives.


    Most alternatives are inferior. I'll stick to whatever product that solves its purpose better rather being emotinally destructive.

    Privacy is a generally overhyped and none of alternative products guarantee the privacy better than google. I kindof don't like this biasing.

    I just love google for what it has done to this world. Making it smaller and rapid. Let it do whatever it does best and not poke it.

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  • Isger Janson
    Isger JansonProduct @HHLAB_de + Host @citizenlibrary

    I like the simple presentation of the recommendations.


    I would be happy to learn more about the selection criteria and the reasons displayed why people should think about using the alternatives.

    In my opinion, there's a lot of truth in the following words regarding financial investments that can be applied to a healthy use of technology – “diversify your portfolio" (to help balance risk and reward).

    For everyone who is interested in Google alternatives because there is more to challenge and discuss than privacy issues I recommend to visit this page:

    I do use a lot of Google products and like them and many people behind the ideas – but I think we should always question their decisions and should demand more from our favorite companies and brand than just convenient products.

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Hi Hunters! 👋 🤔I built this today quickly after waking up and seeing all the recent uproar about Google and their user-unfriendly behavior. I think big companies deserve pushback when they're going in a way that's not in the user's interest, and we as the (paying) users, have a democratic say by using their products or not. If we want to stop using their products, we need to know good alternatives though. Luckily they exist. 👩‍🌾There's lots of indie and user-friendly alternatives to Google products now and this is a real-time publicly editable list where you can find them. Enjoy 😄 and let me know what you think and what alternatives to add!
@levelsio What is the alternative to Android? I do not think Apple is any better.
@levelsio @safaiyeh I believe that depends what your definition of "better" is. As far as privacy goes, Apple is night and day better than Android. I won't say they are perfect, but I'd never risk my personal information on an Android device.
@levelsio I'd suggest to add Tutanota - it's a fully encrypted mail service that unlike Gmail respects uers' privacy. Here are more ideas for privacy-first alternatives:
@levelsio this is a great list. You can also add - a tool that allows one to pay with burner cards online (works only in United States) as an alternative for Google Pay. Thank you for making this 👍
Great idea! It seems like a big trend right now to get rid of some of Google Products. Can you please add a separate category for Google Docs, Google Sheets? Google Sheets: - Airtable 2.0 - Coda - Quip 3.0 Google Docs: - Notion 2.0 - Quip 3.0 - Workflowy
@andreyazimov @levelsio And for Google Chrome: - WonderSwipe: Why settle with just blocking ads? Avoid trackers and time wasted on loading heavy webpages, while at it.
Need alternative for Android YouTube Google Photos Google home Google Keep
@keyul Android is open source OS. And there are also custom ROMs built open source which you can install after rooting phone (if you dont like what HTC, Samsung, LG.. puts in phone). Since it is open source and built on linux, you know what can happen and what not. But iOS is black box.
Try to find another domain name, you will get an email from google legal department very soon 😄
@loukmannacik it's fine because parodies are allowed under copyright law, people generally won't confuse it with google itself.
A great feature would be the pros and cons of each product compared to the Google product. I mean sure Zoho sheets is an alternative to Google sheets but why is it more privacy friendly? Even a one line summary of their privacy policy and why the suggested alternative is better would make this site very useful.