No Lick Music

Five no copyright tracks every week. Unsplash for music.


I'm talking with artists on a daily basis building the No Lick synth. Musicians realize music distribution is a way to promote yourself, and sadly enough no longer a major sales channel.

Our 2500 early No Lick users ask frequently if the app can be used to produce copyright free music.

1 + 1 = 2. Today marks the start of No Lick music.

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This does exactly what it says it does, well. 5 tracks, every week. They are 5 good tracks as well. The ambition to be the Unsplash of music is bold, but if they get the right people on board, then I'd love to see it happen. The creator community is crying out for something like this. I hope you scale this. Nice work.


Great idea. Really liked the music. Free.


For this stage, none.

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Lackadaisical. More features need to be implemented for app or it seems something a six year old could have written


Free 5


Boring, little use for my purposes

Hi George, thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure as soon as the site has enough content, I'll turn it into a library including genres, tags and filters. I'll add some nifty out of the box discovery features to make up for this ;). For now I was thinking clean and clear was the way to go.
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