No Code Black Friday

Black Friday Deals for No Code Tools

You don't need code to build with these tools, but you will need a coupon code. NoCode tools aren't just about "Not Using Code" but rather abstracting away a lot of the technical work even coders don't like to do.
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Hi All, I made this to collect all the nocode tools that had really good deals this year. If you haven't yet, just take some time to check out what's available. Universe for sitebuilding, and also simple tools: Carrd for landing pages, sheet2site for taking that google sheet to the next level. even Webflow has a deal on their templates this year!
Great idea! Thanks for putting this together.
@kintulabs Thanks to your enormous pep and mentorship, it's possible!
No frills discount codes for Black Friday, what's not to love? 😍