Turning tech-founders into CMOs

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Thanks @ericwillis for the hunt, we appreciate it :-) The idea for No CMO came after working with various startups and meeting many tech founders. I noticed that the majority of them are super-accomplished from a technical perspective, but don't come from a marketing or business background nor do they have a full time marketing person on their staff. I wanted to create, together with @erez_z, an easy-to-use guide that would help them with a marketing plan on a relatively small (or non-existing) budget. A go-to resource for marketing strategies that would be easy to work with and refer to at any stage of your company. No CMO has 3 budget categories we feel any startup without a CMO would find useful - $0 marketing budget/month, $1000 marketing budget/month and $5,000 marketing budget/month. Each category lays down marketing channels and opportunities within the given budget. We'd love to hear your thoughts - the website will keep updating so any feedback is welcome :-) Moran
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@moran_barnea Moran, love the idea of No CMO, would love to contribute some ideas for the sales side as well to help founders (particularly technical) get their first few sales.
@walkerlucas Hi Lucas! We'd love for you to contribute - can you shoot me your email to
This seems like curated resources meets blog. I do like that there is more info around each resource or tool. The explanation can be much more useful to some people than just a list. I'd be keen to see some real life examples of companies that have used each set of budget and their results though.
@bentossell Hi Ben! That's a great idea. No CMO is updating on a daily basis and we'll add more resources and case studies later on.
@bentossell Appreciate it Ben. I do wish and plan for it to grow in this direction
It's a startup marketing guide for founders without a CMO.
Usefull twist dividing information in three budgets. Altough I find difference between 0 & 1000$ per month rather big.
@j00st Hi Joost and thanks for the kind words :-) We were debating about this a lot too - whether or not to add a $500/mo stage. Maybe we'll add this later but for now, we felt that a combination of the $0 and the $1000 (little of each) is suffice.
@moran_barnea I was more thinking about a 100$/mo option
@j00st cool - we'll be happy to add it too :-)
@j00st @moran_barnea I think $100/mo is very tricky. Which also makes it interesting. I'll think about how we should tackle it. Thanks for the idea
great list. i like it :)