eScooter that runs 100+km on a single charge πŸ›΅

NIU is optimistic about the future of living in cities. We are here to free you from urban congestion, and to inspire you to unlock the potential of your city.

πŸ›΅ World's #1 Smart eScooter

πŸ›΅ Bosch Motor + Panasonic Battery

πŸ›΅ 100km+ on a single-charge

πŸ›΅ APP Connected

πŸ›΅ GPS Security

πŸ›΅ €0.30* / 100km

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Product is totally great
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cool thing
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I know that it’s Chinese company. So, does it have English in app and bike interface?
It's not bike lane legal in the US, so it will sit in traffic with everyone else.