Asher reviewedNintendo SwitchNintendo's new console for the home and your hands 👾

- incredibly portable

- great graphics for its size

- quickly growing library that includes many popular indie games

- very stable software


- battery life can be a bit short

- cannot charge in "tabletop" mode

- kickstand is not that sturdy

- still lacking chat, save data backup

The Switch is the most fun device I've ever had. It's screen, despite being only 720p, has been plenty decent; I have spent most of my time playing in handheld mode. When docked and playing on a TV, the ability of the console to achieve 1080p at either 30 or 60 FPS is astounding, given its size. The flexibility offered by the Joy-Cons is great, and their ability to switch (ha!) between a PSP style handheld, Wii style motion controls, and a conventional game console controller offers great freedom, especially when games support more than one or even all of those configurations. It also offers a way to have 2 players play on the console without even ordering additional controllers.

Overall, the Switch is an incredibly fun device, with great games in its library, that has a lot of potential. It strikes a great balance between many different types of gaming without sacrificing its potential to be great in any area.

Asher has used this product for one year.