anuj reviewedNinjaOutreach 2.0Your single tool for influencer outreach
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None unfortunately in our experience


Trick you into trial-ing and forgetting with terrible customer service

They make you trial into the highest paid version, with zero notifications thereafter if your trial is over or when they charge for the next month. On reporting this to them, their response was cold and a variation of 'your problem'. Felt scammed, but maybe this is their understanding of subscription models - optimize for people forgetting about the tool.

anuj has used this product for one year.
Miss Pan
Miss Pan@hazelmaepan · Content Manager & Copywriter
Hi Anuj, I'm sorry you had to go through that. Can you tell me when this happened? As of December last year, we've already added end-of-trial notifications to our app.
Matt Beedle
Matt Beedle@matt_beedle
@hazelmaepan I just went through the exact same thing. I feel totally ripped off. I signed up to ninja outreach, logged in one time, did not get any end of trial emails and then was billed $600. When I complained I was told that there is a no refund policy. A totally unethical way to do business.