Alexandre Caporal
Alexandre Caporal reviewedNinjaOutreach 2.0Your single tool for influencer outreach
 Not RecommendedPros: 

Really did'nt find any.

But Chrome Extension seems more promising


Lack in support

Lots of errors

Filters not working

Useless for pt-br

Searching bugs

No refund

Just a few and very especific tutorials

I’m not having the best first impression with NinjaOutreach.

Search tool has a few bugs. For example, sometimes I search for something and seems didn’t find anything, than I change filters and change back... now it works.

Another thing really bothered me is that I asked for support chat BEFORE I buy because I was intend to use in portuguese (Brazil). They said to me that was not their main language but I could use filters.

Ok, I tried that, but look the situation:

It simply didn’t find anything sometimes. Others just find like 1-5 top websites in my country and it is really not helpful at all.

I also tried to use terms with but it’s not working, still showing any extension and several websites not related to the term I’m searching.

When I try to search for influencers i also feel disappointed.

For Twitter, simply finds almost nothing.

For Instagram was the best searching experience in the platform, it shows a lot nice information like engagement, likes per photo and video.

Unfortunately, NinjaOutreach is not able to capture Instagram emails, so all search is a bit useless unless you want to go account by account to click on email, edit and update every contact one by one.

Find emails seems most useless search tool, didn’t find any email for a lot websites and for others just find a few. When I enter in those website I could easily find much more emails just looking a couple pages.

Best feature seems to be google chrome extension.

It,s a really cool and easy tool to check some metrics, contact using templates or add to a list.

I’ve been using for just a couple days, and now watching every video and reading every post they have.

But honestly, I probably would ask for refund if it was possible, but they are refusing to do this.

Just to finish, I added two emails in my account and wish to add another one, but when I try there was a error and support say that was another bug and I was not supposed to included not even the second email, I really don’t know where was this information before, but ok.

Feels like i just lost $200. Rather just use google and a e-mail.

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