NINJABot v1.0

Free Facebook Messenger Customer Support Bot for eCom Stores

If you're an eCommerce business owner sending paid traffic to your store, you need NINJABot to increase your sales.

NINJABot v1.0 is a Facebook Messenger Bot that was built to answer almost all pre-sales questions like shipping, returns, store locations, discounts etc. and take returns & exchange requests right on your website.

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Hi Product Hunters, glad to showcase our Chatbot NINJABot v1.0 before the community. NINJABot is a free Facebook Messenger Bot built specifically to help eCommerce businesses. Built on ManyChat platform and shared for free. We've used our 3 years of extensive experience in serving eCommerce businesses with their live chat support, in structuring and building NINJABot v1.0. Our focus is on reducing the human cost & effort spent on attending to the most common eCommerce questions, that takes up 40%-50% of all the chats a typical eCommerce store receives on a daily basis, reducing the customer support costs significantly. Because we used ManyChat & Facebook Messenger to build out this bot, there are benefits on the paid advertising front too. An eCommerce business owner can download a list of the people who have interacted with the bot, upload the list to their Facebook custom audience and run highly targeted ads to these and their lookalike audience. Increasing the reach, ROI and value of having live chat on their websites. Please try it out and looking forward to your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more updates from us!