The financial backup plan built for you

Nillify is a line of credit for unexpected expenses. Built to end predatory, high-cost payday loans and credit cards, Nillify helps you gain financial stability by serving as a backup plan for your finances. Plus, there is no required credit score!
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Hi everyone! I want to introduce you all to Nillify! Nillify is built to give you financial peace of mind so that you can gain stability and avoid debt traps like payday loans and credit cards. We created Nillify because we have experienced first hand the pain of having access only to predatory debt options, which is an unfortunate reality for many young people who do not have a credit history. These bad debt products make things like building an emergency fund nearly impossible as any financial shock can not only drain your accounts but also get you trapped in a perilous cycle of debt. Nillify allows you to have the financial foothold and backup plan you need to further your financial future and ensure you never have to turn to those bad options. Thanks for stopping by and we are excited to get your feedback! - Kenneth Tucker Haas