Nightly is an innovative technology that uses advanced algorithms and scientifically developed videos and sounds to help you get healthier sleep.

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Hello Product Hunt! March 16th is also known as World Sleep Day. We would like to take this opportunity to give you a 21-day free trial of our app, Nightly. Nightly is an AI-based technology that works actively to help you enjoy healthy, undisturbed sleep. It keeps your night restful in three ways: it helps easily fall asleep, limit bad dreams and reduce the likelihood of nighttime awakenings. It watches over you throughout the night to help you start your day refreshed and full of energy. We’ve been working closely with psychologists and scientists to transfer years of lab research into a mobile app. The fruit of this cooperation is our unique technology - Sleep Stimulation. It’s a combination of two factors: audio-visual stimuli and advanced AI algorithms. Nightly monitors your sleep live, recognizes critical moments during your night and reacts with soothing sounds to help you minimize the possibility of a wakeup. It stimulates your sleep to help you keep your rest uninterrupted. I would love to hear your feedback!
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@lukasz_mlodyszewski Nightly goes head on with my insomnia arsenal: Audioteka, Audible and Storytel ;) Very attractive app design and impressive tech underneath.
@blazej_os and we're just getting started! Some sort of story-telling module is something we might look into in the future. Who knows, maybe in a collaboration with one of those companies? :-)
@lukasz_mlodyszewski sky's the limit. Take it up there! ;)
Not only a beautiful product - a well-designed app with enchanting videos, but also research backed. Good combination.
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Great product, I was impressed by it's impact on my sleep!
It's not some tracker bul***it app. This one is science based and actually works
Great app especially for professionals who have trouble sleeping. Highly recommended