One part dating, one part social, one part nightlife

Nightly is new social dating app only available in NYC. If you're here, we'd love to know what you think.

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Hey @jonah_stuart, @macleanme & @jdbankier, What inspired you to make this app and how is it different from the dating apps already out there?
Hey @jacqvon thanks for the question. We'd like to think of ourselves as not strictly a dating app, but more a dating meets social meets nightlife app. We're avid dating app users and often go out with friends in NYC. We spotted some obvious dissonance between it all from a tech-standpoint, given the natural synchronicity, and wanted to solve for that.
It would be great if you had terms and privacy policy up on your site.
@seth_lehman Thanks Seth. Our main link is and works there. Will update! As you know, it's very easy for things to slip through the cracks at this early stage.
Do you have any users already?
@paulina_obiedzinska we've only soft-launched at the moment, so don't have a ton, but do have enough to test and tweak while out in the wild. Hard-launch to come soon, where we expect rapid growth. Are you in NYC? Would love feedback.
If connections clear nightly, I can't imagine the gargantuan amounts of growth hacking that'll be necessary to sustain this...!
@chrismessina I am missing what you mean by growth hacking within the context of the 24hr wipe? Or are you thinking that we wipe the users from the app every 24hours? :)
@macleanme I mean if I make a connection with someone, I presume that I lose my contacts list after 24 hours? Otherwise the statement "Everything wipes every 24 hours" is misleading — at best, confusing. What actually is getting wiped? How much like Memento is this app?? :)
@chrismessina I see. Connections meaning matches and conversations made that day. Great reference by the way -- now need to go rewatch that movie :)