Felix Molina
Felix Molina reviewedNifty Project ManagementAll-in-One Project Management Workspace.

UI, Speed


No iOS/Mobile App, no Mac/PC app, no integrations, simple items missing

I really want to like this PM and possibly leave Flow, but how do you justify $79/month when it's beyond limited. No iOS app, no Mac app, no duplicating tasks, etc., I understand it's BETA, but how does someone justify the price for such a limited tool?

Felix Molina has used this product for one day.
Shiv Kapoor
Shiv Kapoor@shivkapoor · Founder & CEO, Nifty
Hey Felix! Thanks for the honest-to-goodness feedback. While we've gotten a glowing response so far from teams who have used Nifty, its clear that there are a couple features that would solidify our platform as an all-in-one PM tool. We're excited to announce that our mobile apps and team chat messenger are both on the way, and we truly believe (based on feedback like yours) that these features will solve team's pain-points of all sizes at an extremely competitive price.
Shiv Kapoor
Shiv Kapoor@shivkapoor · Founder & CEO, Nifty
Hey Felix, Just wanted to leave a comment to your feedback here and let everyone know that we've revamped our pricing to pay-per-user model; $10/user (paid monthly) and $8/user (paid annually). We've also released a ton of new updates and features and would like to welcome you to give Nifty another try! Best, Shiv