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Nifty centralizes project communication, planning, and tracking with a bird’s-eye view across all of your projects and teammate workloads. Imagine Asana, Slack, & Trello in one truly collaborative workspace -- it's like having 3 extra hours in a day!

  • Rim N. Kay
    Rim N. KaySoftware Engineer at Tech Rim Corporatio

    Userfriendly and easy to manage


    Haven't seen any so far

    The Interface is very beautiful and one can manage very efficiently.

    The trial helps to understand and get familiar with the tabs and options that are available to use.

    Rim N. Kay has used this product for one week.
  • Vasyl Lagutin
    Vasyl LagutinDelivering great products on time!

    Slick design, consolidated interface, all of the PM tools I need in one place.



    A fully functional trial is available for free even without providing credit card details!

    Vasyl Lagutin has used this product for one month.
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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunter@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
Nifty's mission is to simplify team workflows by consolidating all phases of a product's lifecycle into a single tool. Nifty combines both project management and team communication to deliver the future of project management. Teams large and small can utilize Nifty's projects, discussions, tasks, docs, roadmaps, and team chat to manage projects, both internally and in a client-facing environment. Nifty not only consolidates your tools, but it consolidates the cost; Nifty is evenly priced with its competitors that don't offer the same multitude of functions.
Josselin Colletta
Josselin Colletta@josselinco · VR/AR Maker @Black Euphoria
This looks awesome. Is it localized ? Would be easier to transit my team to this tool if it was available in French :)
Shiv Kapoor
Shiv KapoorMakerHiring@skapoor92 · Founder & CEO @Nifty
@josselinco Thanks so much! It's not localized yet but it's definitely in the pipeline and french is in the top 3 of our list.
Shiv Kapoor
Shiv KapoorMakerHiring@skapoor92 · Founder & CEO @Nifty
Welcome Product Hunt community! And for those who saw our pre-launch post last October, welcome back! Nifty has undergone considerable amounts of redesigns, bug-squashing, and feature additions during our two years of development, but we're finally ready to announce that Nifty is formally available for all to use! Our goal is twofold: Firstly, we wish to simplify and empower project management by creating a simple yet powerful tool, and secondly, we aim to provide an interconnected space where project management and team communication go hand-in-hand. We'd love to see you on Nifty and we're all ears to feedback. 🙌
Pedro Wunderlich
Pedro Wunderlich@pddro · Designer of weird and silly things.
Don't know why this isn't getting more upvotes, but from what I've seen, it's freaking awesome. The integrated roadmaps and tasks look like game changers. It looks like an all-in-one solution in a simple, beautiful package. In the files, can you create folders? UI assets could get messy if it's just a single bag of files. What else is in the pipeline? Have a team meeting today. Will talk to my crew and see if there's an appetite to switch. We have roadmaps, docs, files, tasks, kanban boards and chat spread across various apps.
Shiv Kapoor
Shiv KapoorMakerHiring@skapoor92 · Founder & CEO @Nifty
@pddro Hey Pedro, Our Files filter is pretty flexible and are organized by users and file types such as video, ppt, code, design, etc. You are unable to create folders at the moment, but it has come to mind. This is not our primary focus right now, but if there's a high demand, we will absolutely add it to our pipeline. To give you a sneak peak into Nifty's future, we will be rolling out the following features in the next couple of weeks: - A new Global Overview & Oversight feature to see your roadmap and progress across all projects at a glance and view all your teams members and everything they are working on in one shot. - Several 3rd party integrations to connect Nifty with some of your favorite apps. Let us know if we can assist your team in anyway to transition to Nifty.