Use computer's processing power to earn money for charity

Use your computer's processing power to earn money for charity. Nifflr joins your computer to a network of devices mining for cryptocurrency. That cryptocurrency is exchanged for dollars, which are donated to charity twice a month. 100% of your device's contribution is passed along to the charity of your choosing.

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1 Review5.0/5
Interesting startup. Cryptocurrency for good cause.Will definitely try this.
@debasispanda actually it's not very trustworthy. There are no mentions on the internet about references and maker is anonymous. How should i know if i'm not mining cryptocurrency for maker ?
@debasispanda @ivanlucansky This is the maker: Still wouldn't use this unless an actual charity comes out and supports a site like this or builds one of their own.
@debasispanda @ivanlucansky I met Lukas through Techstars NY. Great guy. This was a fun side project for him to learn more about building applications with cryptocurrencies.

Great stuff.


Like Filecoin for charity. Passive and easy way to generate cryptocurrency for you favorite charity.


Hope they add more charities in the future.