Nice To Hunt You

A simple way to network with other Product Hunters 😸

A simple way to network with other product hunters. Subscribe to get a weekly email introduction to a fellow Product Hunt member

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Cool idea, @tonixx! Just signed up. We see a lot of people meet on PH, often exchanging emails or Twitter accounts to DM each other privately. We haven't announced this publicly (so keep on the DL) but we're introducing private 1-on-1 and group chat soon. πŸ˜‰ cc @vesln
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@rrhoover Thx for signing up Ryan! It's an honor to have you on-board! I hope you get to meet the co-founder of your next startup :)
@tonixx @vesln @rrhoover Private 1-on-1, asked this long ago! Finally! πŸ”₯
Hi there! I want to ask you something: how many members of this community have you networked with? Currently there's no way for product hunters to connect with other members of the community. Even more, there's no system in place to encourage connections between fellow Product Hunt members. I wanted to make a simple site that facilitates networking between product hunters, and after some research I've found Kismet, a project that did that but for the HackerNews community. Using the same approach, I've built the ProductHunt version over the weekend. NiceToHuntYou matches product hunters based on their needs and abilities. Please try it and let me know if the first introduction you get is a match for you ... I'm still tweaking the system, so please be gentle :) Even if only 2 members start working together because of this site, then my weekend hasn't been wasted. Happy hunting everyone! PS: Mark Hunter is a fictive person, so don't try to hunt him :)
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@tonixx This looks very promising. I was looking for hunters on PH & you have created this. Thank you so much. I'll appreciate if I get help in promoting my product on PH :)
@vineet18del Thank you Vineet! Hope to facilitate lots of connections via NiceToHuntYou :)
@tonixx Nice idea. Signing up. Can you move the site to HTTPS?
@ktkaushik Thx man! This is a very small project. Why do you think HTTPS is required?
@tonixx I am entering my data. Name and e-mail. HTTPS would definitely be needed.
I built the same thing for Hacker News members a few months ago: . It's cool to see the model work in a different community!
@remyphelps Kismet was my inspiration when building NiceToHuntYou. Thank you Jeremy!
@remyphelps I like your product. I've connected with a handful of people, it's so simple too.
@thepriyadarshy Thanks Ashutosh! It's a labor of love, so comments like yours mean everything to me.
Hello! My ProductHunt username is @TO and the website says my username is not valid :(
@to Sorry about that Trevor! I didn't know there were users with less than 3 chars so I had a check in place for that. I've removed it and should work fine now. Please retry and let me know:
@tonixx just tried again, I get a bug. It loads my producthunt profile instead of the "one more step email" thing.
@to It's 100% fixed now! The 3 character check was in another place also. Sorry about that! Please retry and let me know:
@tonixx worked for me this time. Cheers!
Looks nice, will be using it for coming product launches.
@arsalan_sajid Thank you, thank you! :)