Nextdoor for iOS 2.0

Connect with your neighbors - newly designed on mobile

#3 Product of the DayApril 18, 2014
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@rrhoover - What excites me about Nextdoor is that you may sign up, join your neighborhood, and not find a use case for it at first. But down the road, something might trigger you to re-engage with Nextdoor - eg. your car gets broken into, your dog is lost, you find a pair of keys on the sidewalk on your block, etc. You see a similar kind of latent engagement on LinkedIn.
NextDoor is one of my absolute favorite products.
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Our team is proud of the v2.0, we look forward to sharing news with you as we continue developing our products.
looks amazing, thoughts @joshelman?
Admittedly, I tried Nextdoor 1-2 years ago (on the web) and didn't find a use case for myself but imho this is the type of product that's made for mobile (24/7 access, location-aware, etc.). Will give it another try.