Data-Powered Chord Suggester. Super simple interface.

Need help with your chord progression? NextChord suggests the next chord in your progression based on machine learning trained on more than 10,000 popular songs. The interface is super simple so anyone can compose music. Oh and it is 100% free!
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2 Reviews5.0/5
👋 Howdy Hunters who are into music. 🎸🎹 We're super eager to hear what you think you think about this app. This is basically just a hobby project for us, we just like the idea that we are helping people write music (even if you never have before). Tell us what you want to see!
Following in hope of an Android port. For now I'll just be outside here, staring in through the overpriced window
@new_user_23c22e1e2a I hear that. If you an android dev, please reach out!