Next.js 2.0

Framework for server-rendered React apps

Would you recommend Next.js 2.0 to a friend?


Vince Speelman
@vinspee · Front End Engineer, TED
Congrats on 2.0! This is an amazing product which actually enables me to build sites and apps rather than mess with tooling for multiple days. Thanks!
Daniel Williams
I was using this for a side project last night. I love the simplicity of the code. Some awesome features, while maintaining a super minimal feeling.
Jeremy Martin
@jmar777 · CTO, Stream.Live
Wow, congrats on getting this out the door! I've been admiring from the sidelines without a good use-case to try it, but the new ability to takeover the routing logic opens the doors wrt some upcoming projects. Switching over to styled-jsx is a nice bonus, too. Thank you for raising the bar for React tooling!
@thefodafarm · design + code // nyc
zeit.co is literally just too good. Been using this since first release and couldn't be happier.
Sameer Sontakey
@sameerkat · CEO / Founder at Biostrap
Awesome product, Guillermo! This makes server-side React app a cinch. Huge fan of what you've been building over at Zeit.co.