#1 Product of the DayJanuary 31, 2020
Next! Is an A.I. powered gym. You work out with smart mirrors. The mirrors demo how to do each workout, counts your reps, gives feedback on form, and adds gamification. Computer vision automatically tracks workouts. You can check all your metrics in an app.
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Hey Hunters, We’re Derek & Eric, a team deeply passionate about health & fitness. We built Next! Because we thought fitness is broken. 80% of gym users quit before achieving their goals. We thought this had to change. We wanted to build a gym that makes working out easy, fun, and effective. A gym that: --- Plans all your workouts for you, --- Shows you how to do new exercises, --- Automatically tracks your workouts, --- Lets you measure your body fat %, --- Gives you feedback on your form --- Gamifies the experience, to make it fun & interesting Nothing like this existed. So we decided to build it. Using an Amazon Go-like system, we’ve built a gym that gives you a “personal trainer experience”, without having to pay for one. For our launch, we’re giving away stock options, free memberships, and a bunch of other prizes. I hope you’ll check it out! Derek & Eric, -- Next! Fitness Team Technology Note: Our tech stack includes ML models we’ve trained from scratch, including YOLO-based object detection models and Hourglass-based pose estimation models. Happy to answer any questions about our tech! Privacy Note: All our inference is processed offline, no data is sent to cloud providers like AWS. No personally identifiable visual exercise data is ever stored, on our servers or cloud servers.
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@derekpankaew a bit of feedback on the video: i like **real** footage. I’d much rather watch you as the founder show a real person using it for the first time how it works.
As a weightlifter who's doing the stronglifts 5x5 program, having the right form is my biggest pain point. It's the difference between building muscle and injuring myself. So when Derek told me about Next a couple years ago at a YC hackathon, I was intrigued. Fast forward to this past week, I got to go to their SF gym. The smart mirror looks amazing and the space is gorgeous. I quite like the ability to track my reps in the app. I'm excited where you all take this; good luck!
@manishsinhaha I loved showing you our gym! Yeah things have come a long way since the YC hackathon 😁I love meeting other founders & tracking how things change over time. Form correction is a big thing. It's also very hard to self-correct. Without paying a trainer $80/hr, it's really hard to know if you're doing exercises right. I'm excited we get to make this easy for a lot of people!
wow, this product looks SO cool! I would have liked to see a bit more how the Smart Mirror works, I am so curious now...
@adsidera1 Hi Anna! I love the excitement 😁I think it looks cool too! (I’m a little biased obviously) The smart mirror does a few things: - It shows you the workout plan for today (you can also check or edit it in the app), - It demonstrates how to do new workouts (form, pacing, etc), - It counts your reps as you’re doing them, - It gives you encouragement & challenges you to push a little further, - It checks your form, which helps prevent injuries, - After finishing an exercise, it shows you where in the gym to go for your next exercise This is just what we’re starting with, we’re planning to add more to the mirror as we go :)
Looks awesome! I never get to see my progress because I'm too lazy to track my workouts. The tracking and games sound really motivating. And I love the fact that it could turn a workout into a social experience. I'll be first in line!
@austin_mckay Hey Austin! I agree, workout tracking is a big pain point for a lot of poeple. As the saying goes, "what you measure improves". Many gym-goers just grab whichever dumbbell feels heavy, and it's difficult to make deliberate progress that way. Glad you'll be joining us! Excited to have you as a member :)
Hey there! The product looks fantastic. Just one thing, that video should be prominently visible. It's sort of hidden.
@ze_rusty Great idea! We'll change that on the website today :)