Nutritional labels for the news

Read news anywhere you normally do- in your browser, thru Twitter, Apple News, and other news apps. To dig deeper and fact-check or rate a news article, tap the Share icon, and then tap Newstrition.
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We created this product to help push back against misinformation, by making it easier and faster for anyone to distinguish between real and junk news and content. These nutritional labels combine transparency -- who published this story, what sources does it rely on, has it been fact-checked, and what do other people have to say about it -- with user participation -- Yelp-style public opinion ratings of news and content. We hope you enjoy this early release of Newstrition for iPhone. And please share your opinion and provide feedback so we can continue to improve and make it even better! PS- Our Android apps are currently under development, but you can also try Newstrition by downloading our desktop browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox.
@rzack waiting for android.Great Job.😊
Thank you @franciscayus! Stay tuned for Android...
It looks great @richardzack! So happy to see this finally launch!
I'm so absurdly excited to see this in the hands of users!
This is so needed! Looking forward to trying it out.