NewsGIF 2.0

A community-created Daily Show entirely in GIFs

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@joshbarkin and team - Nice update! Just started browsing and came across the #ProductHunt section haha awesome stuff πŸ˜‚
Thanks @bentossell Our community GIF'd Product Hunts when we launched our 1.0 and it was a fun content experiment, so we'll GIF some more hunts throughout the day and share some of our favs. Makers can tweet @newsgifHQ a link to their hunt, (or any news story really) and it automatically gets added to our editorial queue :)
Gif overload all the way! Love it!
Hi everyone, We've been re-imagining news on mobile. Our solution is to embed news directly into GIFs. It's easier and more FUN to digest, the content is very shareable, and anyone can be a NewsGIF contributor. We curate and write captions for a wide range of stories and a community adds and upvotes the best GIF for each story. We don't focus on breaking stories. We seek out news better told through GIFs and provide an editorial community and platform to tell those stories. The upcoming U.S. Election is popular in NewsGIF format. It's a great way to discover issues and follow candidates. Our #ProductHunt channel is trending today as well, so see our community GIF some hunts! has been around for quite some time, but I like how this is curated by the community.