New York Teleport

Find the cost & commute optimal place to live around NYC

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I'm not sure whether to laugh or feel bad that checking "avoid serious crime" knocked out pretty much every location in Jersey.
@ghobs91 Actually, we have only crime data for New York City boroughs, so don't feel bad for Jersey just yet. :-) (we do hope to find open crime sources that we can use for the future).
Surprisingly accurate product. Nice personality within the UI (23,555 Snickers bars in Savings.) Although this product doesn't exactly factor in the reasons why I live where I do (I love the neighborhood I'm in.) But if you're only concerned about saving money, this product is for you.
@stephenmarklevi Thanks for the comment, Stephen. Now let me ask you: could you share the reason for why you live where you do? Maybe there is a way to translate that into data that we can add to the map.
@slippingaway I live in Soho, so specifically I like that its very quiet at night because all the shops close. The architecture is beautiful and the neighborhood has a really nice vibe to it. And lots of people from all over the world from different cultures can be found there. And it's extremely safe.
@stephenmarklevi Appreciate the feedback. Some of the criteria you mention are somewhat subjective (architecture, good vibe). We should be able to do something about adding a measure of how multicultural an area is, though. I'll look into that. Also, you can disable the rent layer so saving money will no longer determine the ranking of your results. You can just go for Parks and Art Galleries, for example. Very glad to hear you've found the data accurate!
@ddmirolli Thank you Daniel. Do not hesitate to suggest anything that would make it even better. :-)
I'm stunned how amazing this is.
@cattmurry Thank you Catt.
@cattmurry thanks, and please tell all your friends that exact wording! ;)
Every since we released the Bay Area Teleport ( last November, New York has been the #1 requested next city users asked us to cover with our urban-area-level life search. We got a little busy earlier this year gathering the global cost & quality of life data in startup cities around the world ( but now it is time to zoom in again and say welcome to the Big Apple! New York Teleport helps you save money and time by finding the best place to live in New York City – just tell us where you work and live right now and we will do the math for you to make sure you find an affordable place with the shortest commute. Available as public beta today, look forward to your comments, especially from the produc hunters in NYC!