New Pixels

An amazing pixel art editing tool for iOS!

Love pixel art? This is a new form of pixel art you gotta check out. Using basic shapes and colors and a sprinkle of imagination, a little world is swirling under your fingertips. Share your art with friends or post it to our cloud gallery, we'd love to stumble upon your little world of new pixels :)

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I have to look into it.
@tatyana_romanova Thank you Tatyana!
Hi. It's fun but two issues with the UI, your hidden menus are difficult to select and more often than not resulted in pulling up the default iOS panels. Moving those menu selections to the side and making them a tad larger, would place them out of the way of the default iOS swipe up settings and swipe down updates windows. 😻
@helloduane Thank you for the design feedback, yes we've had similar feedback from users as well. I will make an update to address these issues. Thanks.
So sweet, I'm waiting for Android!
This is awesome!!! we met at the seattle game dev group. Happy to see that your app made it to launch :)
Nice concept! :) I really like the twitter page for the app! Great work :D