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Google Podcasts is launching a redesign on iOS and Android

The redesigned Google Podcasts is now available for iOS, Android and web. With new podcast discovery features, we're making it easier to find and enjoy your new favorite shows and episodes.
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Perhaps my favorite part of this is the web UI. I live on my laptop most days working so listening to podcasts with an open tab is a bit more convenient than on my phone. What's been the biggest surprise or learning since the first Google podcast app launch a few years ago, @zackrw?
@zackrw @rrhoover I use Google Podcasts on mobile but have been searching for a better solution for web...happy to see this!
@rrhoover Product-wise, the thing that has surprised me the most over the past two years has been how much more prepared people are to listen than they used to be—or at least how quickly that's evolved. Wireless headphones like AirPods, along with smart speakers from Google and Alexa, have given us so many more opportunities to listen without preventing us from other activities like exercise and cooking. Personally, my biggest learning has been how important it is to me that I'm passionate about what I work on. Part of that is intrinsic, but a big part also comes from our broader team on Google Podcasts who make it fun to show up each day, and probably most of all from seeing users and creators engage with and benefit from our products.
Hey folks, Zack here from Google Podcasts. Today, we're announcing a redesigned Google Podcasts app, with a dedicated Explore tab to help people discover podcasts they'll love. You can download our app on iOS and Android, and also listen on web where we've added support for subscriptions. Excited to hear from you here! Full blog post detailing the announcement is here. New feature summary - Discover show and episode recommendations just for you on the Explore tab. - Browse popular and trending shows in comedy, news, sports, and more. - Queue up episodes for a seamless listening experience. - Easily keep track of your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions in Activity. - Listen on multiple devices—phone, laptop, smart speaker—without losing your place. - Auto-download shows to listen offline and on the go. - Get notifications for new episodes. - Subscribe and manage subscriptions from the web at Availability - Available globally in all 39 App Store languages today. - Rolling out globally in all 50+ Play Store languages this week (around 50% rolled out as of this post). - Over 2 million podcasts indexed. Guidelines for podcasters - Find your podcast by searching on - Follow our guidelines to ensure your podcast is eligible for inclusion in Google Podcasts. - Download "Listen on Google Podcasts" badges by clicking here. Use the badges to link directly to your show or episode on Google Podcasts wherever you market your podcast. The badges are available in 49 languages.
@zackrw I am struggling with the new redesign on Android. I have unsubscribed to more podcasts in the last day than in the previous year it feels like. Considering a move to Spotify or another podcast app service due to the update. - Completed ones are showing up on my Home screen. Can't tell if that is a feature or a bug - Every podcast that I had listened to before August 2018 has been marked as unplayed - There is no way I can tell to bulk update them to Played/Completed I listen to a lot (too many potentially) of podcasts. Perhaps other users don't fit my use case but disappointed in the update so far.
@zackrw looks great! please consider adding playlists and/or ability to save an episode for later...I use Google Podcasts daily but also use other services some just for those features. Thanks!
@awt Good idea re:playlists, thanks for this feedback. In terms of saving for later, you mean in addition to the queue functionality?
@zackrw I think either the playlist or a saved list would be nice...probably wouldn't need both. Just looking for a way to come back to an old/obscure/random episode without searching. Thanks!
@zackrw Yesterday when i updated the app on my Pixel the queue was not there...thats why i requested the playlist. Today the queue is showing up and that's really all I was hoping for. Looks like an awesome upgrade!
I'm also looking forward to the web UI additions. Any word on when that's going live @zackrw? The announcement just says the iOS app is live now and the Android app will roll out later this week.
@jlagrone Subscriptions on web will roll out this week as well. In full detail, it's currently at 10% rollout and likely going to 100% tomorrow.
@jlagrone @zackrw You made my day by releasing Google Podcasts on web. I was looking forward to this happening since a few months ago! 🥳
@zackrw @jlagrone Phones cannot be used to listen to podcasts all day, having a web interface that's functional would certainly make me move from Pocket Casts.
One other thing - I can't seem to find any way to subscribe to a new podcast on the web. Am I missing something? I am super glad to be able to use the web version though!! I have been switching to a competitor any time I want to listen on web...
@awt Subscriptions on web will roll out this week. Could be Friday, but my guess is you'll see it starting tomorrow.
@zackrw One small thing too: when I delete and listened to all podcasts the player keep showing the last episode I played. I expect to remove the player once no episode is in the queue. (or swipe to remove player) ---- Reson being... player annoys me when I'm not playing anything and I'm only exploring.