Neverstop by Karma

All you can surf WiFi. $50/month up to 5Mbps. No data caps.

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Hey everyone – Neverstop is our next step toward keeping you connected everywhere, all the time. We founded Karma because we were tired of large, faceless companies ruling over the way we got online. Our mission has always been to get all your devices connected in the most straightforward way possible. The goal is to keep you connected without having to stop and think about how much data you’ve used. We’re against crappy subscriptions, ones that take advantage of people through clauses buried in the terms and conditions and misleading advertising. We believe a good subscription service takes away limitations and is transparent about its service. That’s what we’ve built with Neverstop. Anyone have questions? Ask away.
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@stevenvanwel is this 3g or 4g?
@stevenvanwel Hey been watching this product for a while - Neverstop just sealed the deal for me -- just ordered :) Great work!
Any unlimited cellular broadband at a decent rate is a welcome addition to the world. Would be great if this type of service offering with tether was available in an existing cellular product.
Being connected 24/7 is a semi-controversial topic (SHOULD we really always be connected?) but the ability to be on a STABLE connection when I am plugged in? BLISS! Neverstop seems like the perfect answer.
This looks awesome! When can we expect this thing to work internationally? Would be amazing to take abroad...
@tmyknze We'd love to get overseas in the future Tommy. We agree it would be amazing to take abroad. Right now we're working on taking over the states and making the experience here the best possible. Stay tuned!
Always connected!