Neverdrop iPhone Case

The iPhone case you'll never drop

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I bet you I could drop it... Does it help with accidentally dropping your phone on your face when laying in bed?
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@bentossell haven't tried that exact scenario but I have used it upside down and its pretty awesome.
@bentossell The infamous face drop. Yes, Neverdrop is great for browsing in bed. You can hold your phone without actually gripping it. Very comfortable on your hand/ & wrist. Good ergonomics.
@itsjonmarcus how will you market this ?
@georgekukunis Working on marketing now. Visual storytelling is what first comes to mind. Do you have any cool ideas? Shoot me an e-mail at and hopefully we can collaborate!
My friend @jtzou has this (or something like it). It makes selfies so much easier. πŸ˜πŸ“·
@rrhoover discussing the important issues πŸ˜›
@rrhoover @itsjonmarcus : I've been using a product that turns any case into the Neverdrop case. It's called "Love Handle" and goes for $6.95 on Amazon ( The one downside is that the 3M adhesive used on the product is SUPER strong and not removable once Love Handle is applied, so be sure to use it on a case you don't mind affixing this to forever. That said, I've found this concept super convenient when it comes to using my iPhone 6+ with one hand, taking pictures with one hand, running. There's something very comforting about knowing your phone won't fall out of your hands if you loosen your palm's grip.
Cool. Thanks Needles. If you're not convinced from the pictures, here are some benefits of Neverdrop: -No more drops or cracked screens -You're able to use your phone confidently with one hand -You can reach the top corner of the screen without fear of drops -Flip it around and carry everything at once - it's like having an extra hand -Great for running, biking, and driving (...or so I hear - don't text and drive) -More comfortable, ergonomic way to use your phone - no more pinky strain -No more 'face drops' in bed -Easier picture taking You get the idea. I'll be around to answer questions. Oh the straps are interchangable, adjustable with velcro, stretchy, and comfortable. Thanks @jsneedles for hunting. 🚯 🚯 🚯 🚯 🚯 If you made it this far, thank you. I'm building out the team. If you want to get involved e-mail me at and let's chat. -Jon
@itsjonmarcus nice, thanks for the discount. Convinced me to order one! I've had a strap from the container store stuck to the back of my 6+ for awhile. It will be nice to have something more pro back there. Great idea and execution.
I've been playing with this case for a few days now (they very kindly sent me one)... and I kinda love the finger strap. I had been using a bulkier case with a wrist strap for a while, then switched back to the more low-key Apple case... But I missed the added protection of a strap. This subtle little finger strap is adjustable & has a tight grip. I really like it. Only thing I kinda wish is some coverage across the top (like the Apple Leather case has) - but otherwise, a really nice case! BTW - especially useful for live streaming 😻
Really love this idea with regards to the larger iPhone 6/6s Plus. I'm currently using a Pop Socket, which essentially allows you to hold the phone with one hand quite well. The difference being that the Neverdrop is a case and permanent strap whereas the PopSocket is a small adhesive added to the back of your phone or phone's case (my phone is always bare), which also collapses to a smaller size when not being used, and can also act as a kick stand when watching video in landscape. That said, I'm down to try out Neverdrop too.
GREAT PRODUCT, couple of guys in my office will be getting these for Christmas.