Teaching machines to learn

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"Teaching machines to learn" Sounds risky 😳
Trust me @rrhoover , its pretty amazing thing. Looking at the future we believe it's going to shape an entire industry :)
Post pivot, Neuron has been working in the domain of Machine learning and NLP and doing some really amazing work with lot of developers that have signed up with them recently. Just wanted to hunt it again for the community so that you all can also take a look at their awesome technology.
@misbahspeaks he misbah - looks like an amazing concept - what did you build your technology on/ or did you develop all the algorithmic side on your own - be great to chat further offline?
Hey @hayush, I am the founder of Neuron. We built all of the algorithms on our own and its has been a great journey. Happy to chat further, just shoot me and email at veer at neuronme dot com. @misbahspeaks
Thanks @misbahspeaks . Hey All, I am Veer and i am the Founder of Neuron. Neuron is a Machine learning platform for textual analysis that allows developers to perform Natural language processing on any sort of textual data through our API's.
I've been using Neuron's API for extracting keywords and sentiments from our data for past 1 month. I cannot love it enough. The best part is, we had to integrate the API once and all the improvements that they do at the backend reflect in the results automatically. There's ABSOLUTELY ZERO maintenance. And our small team can focus on working the real domain stuff. :) Love them so much!
@mohitmamoria Thanks Mohit. We are happy that you are liking our API's and its results.
Brilliant stuff!
@rahul_gupta1 Thanks Rahul :)