Convert videos and images into neural art in realtime

Jason Cutler
Hi, Thanks @bentossell for hunting us. Very excited to present NeuralPainting on PH. NeuralPainting, is a SaaS solution where we manage and scale the backend to provide you with the best and fastest solution to neural art. We worked hard to provide the fastest possible solution to convert image/videos into neural art. Yes you read it right, we even convert videos into art form. However due to heavy compute requirement we provide dedicated servers for such requirements so as to not affect other users. Why we built a SaaS product? With the growing craze around neural art, most of the photo sharing app would like to have a feature built in, however its not easy to scale and manage such a heavy compute requirement. If you have any feedback of suggestions, do let us know. :)
Also, get 20% cashback when you order via PH. Offer is time bound. ;)
@vermapratyush @bentossell This is really smart, nice work! How many different "styles" are available and do you plan to add more over time?
@jhubball @bentossell We just added 5 new styles since yesterday. Currently we have 9 style images. As we grow our customer base, our server capacity would increase. This would in-turn increase the frequency of adding new style. :)
@vermapratyush looks like as an API consumer, you can also submit your own reference images to create a style? Is that correct?
@jhubball Unfortunately, with the current implementation you can only select from a predefined set of styles. This helps us produce the output in realtime. Although we tried another algorithm were it was possible to provide any style image, the response times were around 30-50 seconds.
Very cool! (GIF made from your Twitter timeline) 😉
@nivo0o0 Amazing. We will be adding support for GIFs to the platform soon. :)
"Neural Art As A Service" - alternative tagline @vermapratyush tell us what the story is here :)