Comments on “Neuralink
Andrew Rasmussen@a13n · Founder of Canny
Man, I don't know how he does it. Running so many relevant, important companies... how does he have time for another one? BCI (brain computer interface) seems inevitable, excited to see him working on it. It's pretty hard to find more info, TechCrunch wrote a brief article:
jerod moore@jollymonatx · Co-Founder goKittr & Coffee hunter
@a13n maybe he already has one of these
Andrew Rasmussen@a13n · Founder of Canny
@jollymonatx That would explain a lot. And also be a pretty legit testimonial for his new company. 😅
James Frew@dr_motley · Writer
@a13n I thought exactly the same thing when I heard about this. The other exciting thing is that despite all his projects seeming initially sci-fi-esque they actually start to show results so since it's been operating for a year I'm hoping we will see something from it soon.
.Caito!@rscattini · B2C Product Strategist;UX Fundamentalist
How he does it? Picking some technologies at left of the Gartner's hype cycle.... there is other report that consider other dimension: the imapct that it would have. BCI is part of the transfomational.
Ben Novak@novakben · I make things 🤓
@jollymonatx @a13n 😂🤖😂🤖