Neumorphism UI

Neumorphism inspired UI web components, sections and pages

Start developing neumorphism inspired layouts, web apps and pages with this free UI Kit powered by Bootstrap CSS Framework. It features over 200 individual web components and 5 example pages. Use "PRODUCTHUNT25" code for 25% discount for the pro version!
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Congratulations on the launch. However, Neumorphism is the wrong approach to UI design. It lacks accesibility, usability and affordances. It's hard to read if you have sight problems and it's terrible for sunny environments. Please don't make this a trend.
@0db8_ Thanks for the good thoughts! You're right, I also don't think neumorphism should become a widely used design system. However, I think neumorphism can be really good for certain situations, such as fashion websites, artist websites and so on. We did the implementation mostly for fun! Regarding accessibility we also tried to use colors that pass the WCAG 2.1 contrast requirements.
@0db8_ I regret to inform you that this is somewhat of a trend already, at least in the concept space, but I wouldn't be surprised to find it in the wild soon. I do think it could be cool in certain contexts like art-related experiences though. But I can't imagine an entire product in neumorphism.
neumorphism is just not a thing. A couple of opposing drop-shadows does not warrant a new term and is not even a trend. This glorified Windows 3.1 will soon be forgotten.
Honestly, Themesberg makes one of the highest quality templates I've seen around. If you're looking for a UI kit, use one of theirs!
@dannypostmaa Thank you, Danny! Coming from a great entrepreneur like you it means a lot 😁🙏
Hey guys 👋, I am one of the web developers who helped build this product. We started working on this UI Kit about 2 months ago when we first saw this new design trend called neumorphism gain popularity on Dribbble. As there were no web implementations of it we thought it would be a great idea to just do it. I understand that the design trend is quite controversial and by no means do I 100% recommend you build your websites using this trend, but you can definitely give it a try! Some people have asked me: "This looks interesting, but are there any real life implementations?". The answer is yes! There are not many, but here's a website which actually became product of the day here using neumorphism: Neumorphism UI Kit is built with the most popular CSS Framework called Bootstrap and the project also includes Sass files and Gulp commands for a better workflow. The project is open sourced un the MIT License. Here are a few notable features: ✅ 200 individual neumorphic web components ✅ 10+ sections such as navbars, footers, CTA's ✅ 5 example pages including pricing, contact, sign in & up ✅ Sass & Gulp included ✅ Online documentation with copy-paste components + quickstart guides ✅ HTML5 verified ✅ Fully responsive & SEO friendly ✅ Built by Themesberg Useful links: - Live demo: - Free download: - Github repository: (lucky stars help us 🙏) - Online documentation: - Pro version (5x more components and 3x pages): - Premium themes: - Free themes: - Themesberg Blog: - Licensing (MIT License): - Contact us: For the pro version you can also use the "PRODUCTHUNT25" coupon code to get a 25% discount!
Congrats on the launch, this is awesome, and nostalgic :D
@onmyway133 Thank you! ❤️🙏