A new generation of text adventures and interactive fiction.

A new way to experience and create interactive stories. Play through our example stories, where your decisions matter. Easy, no-code builder to create your story flows and decision trees. Publish once and play with any device.
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Awesome to see something like this. I always thought the IF scene could use a modernization. A note: I noticed some confusing text: Things like, "Unlimited characters. Use from 1 to 500 characters in your story," and, "Make stories of any length. Your story can be from 5 minutes to 100 hours long." Are there limits or aren't there? What are the exact limits? Also, what is the difference between the "Text adventure maker" and the "Interactive fiction creator," for instance?
@davidgay Thanks for the comment. Currently there are no limits set in the software, only a limit in the sense that the builder starts to get confusing around 500 steps, also more than 50 characters starts to fill the builder's UI. We are working on a grouping/branching logic on the UI, which will fix these issues. For the last question, those are just keywords to bring different crowds together through SEO, did you see them elsewhere than in the footer? We see a lot of words referring to similar concepts. So there is only one "story maker".
@joksanen Thanks for the clarification. The place I saw the differentiation between "text adventure maker" and other names was in the footer. (I often look at the footer on new products for a "Pricing" link.) Since there were multiple links to what looked like multiple products, I thought maybe the links were broken or wrong.
@davidgay Yeah this is still a work in progress from the texts perspective. :) For pricing, we are keeping things free for at least six months, to improve the platform through feedback. Also not sure which side we can charge without affecting the creators. Currently the idea would be that creating is free, but premium stories would be maybe under some subscription that gets divided partly to creators.
@joksanen I'm no expert in product monetization, but it might be worth looking into the pricing model that the app "Insight Timer" uses. Similar to how you described, creators can put out both free and paid content, and Insight Timer shares half of the income from paid content with the content creators.
Hi Guys, the netstory is looking good! Liking the interactive story telling with media and the super clean interface. Gives focus to the content without distraction and let's you focus on living the story. I like the current sample content and especially the group chat story. For one thing, it really wanted me to see the next chapter of the chat and for another, it really shows how much potential the platform has in the creative hands. Definitely looking forward to what the creators and story tellers will do =)!
@sandaru_ Thanks for the comment :) Me too. Creators are what we need now!
Hi everyone ✌️ Excited to launch our side project, which we've been working on during the lockdown. 📙Netstory is a new way of online storytelling. Netstory combines elements from video games such as traditional text adventures, visual novels, movies and books to create something unique. This project started from us using our chatbot building platform Serviceform, in a very different way and transformed the builder in a way that you can create stories with it. We also have integrations to AWS Polly, which allows you to use up to 60 different voices for automated voice acting. Netstory is for creatives and artists. We see a lot of great stories and art that is not seen by enough people. We created Netstory to bring storytellers and artists together to share stories in a new and interactive way. Readers can live and experience a whole new generation of text based adventures and interactive fiction. Create interactive stories with decisions. Bring out your imagination and creativity by creating stories for your readers to play and read the story as different characters and different pathways to go through in the story to allow readers to make various decisions to decide where their journey takes them. In the end, the readers could see the choices they have made. What are we looking for? 📝 Feedback on how to make the platform and the stories more engaging 🙋‍♀️ Artists and creators, who can create graphics, video and audio. 📝 Writers, who can write and publish stories using We would like to invite you all to create your stories and try the example ones out to see how it works. Let's create something entertaining and different together. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you bring out your creativity. Iranthi & Jarkko
Hi! I'm a writer/storyteller on Netstory and I've been testing/giving feedback for a while now. I LOVE creating interactive stories on the website, it has been easy to use and it keeps getting better and better all the time. There are many ways to customize your story's reading experience. The makers Iranthi and Jarkko are working hard to make it an exciting, inspiring platform and it feels great. I can really recommend Netstory and that people would test it out, read some stories or try creating some themselves. It's so much fun to let your creativity flow with this site.
@cridax Very happy to hear that you are enjoying creating interactive stories 😊 Loved your story on Alley Cats and I look forward to playing the upcoming parts. Also your story on Chatroom Secrets made me feel like I was part of an actual group chat! Looking forward to more!
The idea is great, this can revolutionize the way of story telling.