NetHunt CRM for Android

The full-featured CRM system, now available on Android

NetHunt CRM for Android is a full-featured CRM system for Gmail and Google Apps.

NetHunt turns your Gmail inbox into a comprehensive CRM, allowing you to create and manage sales pipelines, organize support service, carry out hiring, marketing campaigns and generally do business without leaving Gmail.

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Victor Iryniuk
Victor IryniukMaker@iryniuk · Marketing Manager, NetHuntCRM.
Hello again, Hunters! Hope you've found NetHunt CRM for Gmail good and helpful :) Today I'm happy to announce that we've launched NetHunt CRM for Android. Just like the iOS version, it's the essence of the desktop CRM but in the on-the-go format. If you have a NetHunt CRM account, you can immediately start using it (new users will have to create a new one via the Chrome extension: Try it out and we'll be happy to hear your feedback :) What is NetHunt CRM NetHunt CRM is a smart CRM system for people who live and work inside Gmail. It lets you turn emails into business records and to immediately refresh in memory the context of your conversations. You can manage customer data with a slick drag-and-drop UI inside Gmail, follow-up on conversations, customize everything to fit your business, segment clients and leads to performing email campaigns, and a lot more. The best part is that everything happens right where your communication takes place. Both desktop and mobile. It's fast, reliable, and, unlike most CRM systems, pretty affordable. Site: