Comments on “Netflix Offline
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Probably the most useful update to Netflix since they introduced online streaming. Tangent: What shows/movies are people watching? I'm enjoy Black Mirror (related), Tallulah with Ellen Page is great, and Demetri Martin's standup special is hilarious. Oh, and I recently re-watched Heavyweights. It holds up. 😊
Steph Garrett@ongarrett · Podcast Lover;
@rrhoover Chewing Gum, Black Mirror, The Crown is lit, Chef's Table, and Lovesick
Jason Hart@dcdjason
@rrhoover +1 for Black Mirror. Nacros is pretty amazing as well.
Wouter van Lent@woutervanlent · Founder
@rrhoover Designated Survivor is my latest discovery!
Thomas Dunn@thomasdunnuk · Customer dev + UX research @Buffer
@rrhoover Just finished season 1 of Hannibal. Dark dark stuff and very addictive
Ali Afridi@alikafridi
@rrhoover Black Mirror, Narcos, and I've started to watch through the old Top Gear. Good stuff.
Jason Frishman@frishy · Founder, Netcapital
@rrhoover Michael Che's recent standup was amazing. Highly recommend.
Parker Woodward@parkerwoodward
@rrhoover The Crown, Shameless
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
@rrhoover The Crown is sooo good 👑 thankful for the random midnight @stevesi Twitter recommendation 💫
Nat Eliason@nateliason · Writer
@rrhoover Bojack Horseman if you want some surprisingly insightful and deep comedy.
Matthew Helbig@mhelbig1 · Video Content as a Service
@rrhoover Joe Rogan's newest standup, The Fall and Black Mirror.
Eric Miller@epic__miller · Electric Vehicle Engineer, Lucid Motors
@rrhoover The Killing, the 100, Sense8
Alex Stoklas@astoklas · Growth & Product Marketing @ Microsoft
@rrhoover Good to hear that you have time to watch :-) I just started with White Collar, is average
Brian J King@brianjking
@woutervanlent @rrhoover It's a shame it keeps getting bumped from airing. Looks like episode 8 will finally air tonight though!
Desmond@desmonddantzler · Working on Fanbox.
@rrhoover Tales by Light, Untold History of the US, & The Bletchley Circle. The Killing is probably the best crime drama I've seen.
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent
@rrhoover the crown!!!!!
@rrhoover Been watching Fargo, it's great!
Wilsar™@callmewilsar · Founder -
@ongarrett @rrhoover omg I love chewing Gun. Black Mirror is always a great choice. :)
Steph Garrett@ongarrett · Podcast Lover;
@callmewilsar I was shocked by how light they kept it regardless of the storyline. Laughed until I cried
Emily Schuman@emilys · Marketing, Astro
@rrhoover watch The Imposter! pretty crazy doc. Shameless is great. Just watched Temple Grandin (actually found via LeanFlix - which was really good too.