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oh, having users go through all ratings only to surprise at the end with a facebook login requirement is a serious let down. why don't you state clearly on page 1, "facebook is required to view results"?
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@passingnotes We'll be addressing this shortly -- thanks for the feedback.
@passingnotes Agree, this is bad move, to put a facebook-login wall in front of people. At that point I lost all interest in stats and closed the tab.
@matijaabicic @passingnotes Thanks for the feedback, guys. There is now an option to validate with your email instead of Facebook.
Is there no way to view the scores without validating with Facebook?
@jakelprice Thanks for the feedback! We have to validate the actual response somehow but we're going to add an option to see the results if you choose not to validate shortly.
@jakelprice Just wanted you to know that we've added an option to validate with email instead of just FB.
@ckeck @jakelprice Can you help explain how an email address validates a user? Can't someone have many email addresses, or use + modifiers to vote many times from the same email? Wouldn't a CAPTCHA + some basic IP limiting work?
Well the results are definitely reflective of silicon valley. However, not nearly reflective of the country as a whole and by no way "the most accurate" predictions of the election. According to these results, Sanders would win by a monumental landslide and we could just call the election right now. However, in all reality, the chance of Sanders even becoming the democratic nominee is not great (not based on my opinion of him, just realistic given current caucus results). On the republican side, you can clearly see 90% or more of the polled people aren't republican, so once again skewing results from normal. In reality the republican/democratic split in america is a nearly perfect tie. Yes this is contrary to what you hear in silicon valley and on the media, but half of America is statistically Republican. On the republican front, these results show trump as dead last. According to these results it makes him look like he should just drop out of the race now. However, the reality is much the contrary. Trump is leading the republican caucuses by a large margin. Also, Kasich can't possibly win even if he won every last delegate vote available to him. Trump will most likely become the republican nominee, despite the information here showing that he is the least likely to become president. I am just saying that unfortunately its a hard sell to claim that this is the most accurate prediction of the presidential candidates. Its the farthest off the marks that I have ever seen yet.
@_jacurtis Thanks for your input! In terms of today's results, I completely agree with you, it's not currently representative of the nation as a whole yet. What I hope you keep in mind is that this is brand-new, literally went live two days ago. The early data is obviously skewed based on where we have appeared thus far. It's likely that it will take a few weeks or more for the data to normalize — our current sample size is very small from a statistical standpoint. The general election is a long ways away and we're just getting started. Stay with us and you'll see.
Fun and fantastic idea. I heard @danerobert pitch the idea a few weeks ago at SXSW, and it's awesome to now see it live!
Cool idea. We use for our NPS. Great team.