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Nestpick is a rental platform that enables anyone from anywhere to rent their home entirely online! We built nestpick to revolutionise the rental market, allowing tenants and landlords to rent and let conveniently and entirely online. Our platform is Berlin based, currently available in 8 countries and over 30 cities. We want to hear from you! Please let us know about any feedback, suggestions etc. :)
Looking forward to hearing some feedback about our new platform.
OK, let's start the conversation... what would you like to see on our platform next?
@fabian_dudek Why do I have to select a "move out date" for my search? Most of the time I don't know this, or I'm looking for somewhere that isn't a fixed term rental...
@mr_ed Thank you for your comment. This is something we are working on. For now, this is just an indication of how long you intend to rent as many of our tenants extend their contracts. Going forward, we are working on the option of an unlimited timeframe. Does this answer your question?
@fabian_dudek Makes sense, thanks. I guess it's more of a UX thing than anything else, feels weird to have to consider a move-out date. Thanks for the response! And I'm really grateful that someone is finally tackling the horrible experience of apartment-searching, especially here in Berlin... 👍
@mr_ed Thanks heaps! Glad to hear you like what we're doing. Feel free to drop by the office anytime for a drink!
This is awesome. Could see this working well in conjunction with @NomadList
@NomadList @stu_chaney Great, thanks for this. Will check it out.
Looks great, but someone has to ask... why you guys vs AirBnb?
@edmoyse Hey Ed, thank you for your message. Put simply, we connect landlords and offer mid to long term rentals, not short-term like AirBnb.
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