Nertivia - Chat Client

Create custom chat servers and channels in seconds

I've always wanted to make a chat client so i tried making it multiple times, and i got better :D Nertivia currently has some features like: ability to create servers to talk with multiple people, Custom emojis with gif for free and gif profile pictures.
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What would be a cool feature is adding the ability to create a chat then embed anywhere.
@danielkempe Agree! Would be a great way to onboard community discussions.
@danielkempe sounds like a cool idea :D I will add it to my to-do list. Thanks!
I started making this web app 9 months ago, I have tried making a chat client prior to this which i kept giving up on. This one is the best one yet and easy to work with since i'm using VueJs and more skills learned. I try to add features and work on it everyday :D
Hello guys, Nertivia just has a major re-design and new features such as server banners, server roles and permissions. Please check it out and give feedback. Thanks!