Hyper-local alerts targeted by NYC neighborhood

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Hi all- our team at Vizalytics created in a public and private partnership with the City of New York Mayor's office of Innovation and Technology. The goal is to make the site useful for every NYer to know what's happening in their local neighborhood, to have access to resources (check out the look up tools). It's available in 13 languages, and is mean for web and mobile.
And here's the press release from the NYC Mayor's Office when we launched:
Great private-public partnership between Mayor's Office & startup Vizalytics. Uses open data to show real-time updates on transit, traffic, parking and construction for each neighborhood.
I'm definitely going to check this out.
@solfrombrooklyn Thanks, we'd love your feedback on it Sol!
Local is f'n hard - if you can crack it, there's so much $ to be made (just look at thumbtack). There's a reason why Google has spent so much $ at SMBs/local - adwords was their first 10 figures revenue generator, local has the potential to be the next one.
@sol_orwell Again, thanks for your question Sol. Yes, local is a challenge. Getting the right information to so many different neighborhoods in real time is why folks- so far- love neighborhoods.
@aileengemma I'm assuming you guys have seen nextdoor and what not.
@sol_orwell Thanks Sol. Of course. Nextdoor is a great platform. Our work however is quite different in what we serve, and how we serve it to NYers. Every neighborhood has dynamic content that continuously generated. It is also available in multiple languages.