Connect & control all the devices in your home

Steven Lam
  • Steven Lam
    Steven LamDigital Asset Manager / Content Producer

    Great cust and tech support team. Beautiful product design. Really nice UX


    It's brand new and they are changing universal remote game so there's lots to do with adding devices to their eco system.

    Up until now, Logitech Harmony was pretty much your top contender in the universal remote world. It was well but having to plug the remote to your Mac/PC to update is an extra step that is undesirable. Also the product itself is fugly. This is where Neeo excel. Neeo uses a 2 pat sytem, the brain and the Neeo remote. All remote update is done via WiFi instantly. Setting the remote with the Neeo mobile app is so much easier. Also, Neeo is beautifully design. They care about aesthetic which I really appreciate. Their aesthetic reference classic European design like Baum, B&O, B&W, Meis Van der Rhoe and Vitra.

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Very nice and clean design. Reminds me of my old B&O Remote from back in the late 90s.
NEEO is a smart system that lets you control all your devices from one place and even knows who you are when you pick it up.There are two parts to NEEO, the brain and the remote. The brain commands all your smart devices and gadgets.NEEO has a database of more than 30,000 devices that it can connect to and control.NEEO is compatible with all major AV products produced in the last 10 years. The brain works with either the NEEO remote or the NEEO app for your phone.The NEEO remote is the one place to control all the devices in your home instantly.
This looks beautiful. So it will integrate with every home automation product that runs on any of those specifications?
Had to back this project when I saw that it could also control my Danfoss system :-D
Backed this project because it's the best in the market. Finally a better and smarter remote for any home entertainment system. A remote that will be able to handle IR and Bluetooth. A remote that I don't have to hide because it actually is gorgeous to look at. Looks like a sexier and way better universal remote than what Logetech has to offer right now.